Delivery Fee/disclaimer

Delivery Fee Overview:

A delivery fee is applied to cover the cost of transporting props to and from the specified event location.


Calculation Basis:

The delivery fee is calculated based on the delivery address, the quantity and size of props, and any special delivery requirements. This will be communicated in the quotation process.


Transparent Pricing:

Our delivery fees are communicated transparently during the reservation process, ensuring customers are aware of the associated costs.


Additional Charges:

Additional charges may apply for expedited deliveries, special time slots, or any specific delivery requests beyond standard services.


Delivery Fee Inclusions:

The delivery fee covers the transportation of props to the specified location and their return after the event. The set up or styling of props are not included in the Delivery fee.


Non-Refundable Delivery Fees:

Delivery fees are non-refundable, even in the event of reservation cancellations, unless otherwise stated in our cancellation policy.


Late Return Charges:

Late returns may result in additional charges, separate from the delivery fee. Customers are encouraged to adhere to the agreed-upon return schedule.


Fee Adjustment Discretion:

Our company reserves the right to adjust delivery fees at its discretion, considering factors such as distance, complexity, or unforeseen circumstances.


Delivery Area Limitations:

Delivery fees are subject to change based on the location of the event. Customers will be informed of any applicable adjustments during the reservation process.


Delivery Confirmation:

Customers are responsible for confirming the accuracy of the delivery address provided during the reservation process to avoid any delivery complications.


Delivery Assistance:

Our delivery team will transport props to a designated area at the event venue. Additional assistance with setup may be available upon request and may incur extra charges.


Contacting Customer Support:

For any inquiries or concerns regarding delivery fees, customers can contact our customer support team through the provided channels.


Policy Updates:

This Delivery Fee Disclaimer is subject to periodic updates. Customers will be informed of any changes through our website or other communication channels.


Acceptance of Terms:

By proceeding with the reservation, customers acknowledge and accept the terms outlined in this Delivery Fee Disclaimer. This disclaimer should be tailored to fit the specific terms and conditions of your props rental store’s delivery fee policy.